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Tomasz Kowalczyk

Welcome to my website. My name is Tomasz Kowalczyk and I am a PHP programmer and web developer. I specialize in creating websites and web applications. My work is my passion. I am looking forward to doing business with you.

About me

I am an experienced PHP programmer. For a few years I have been dealing with various web technologies. I strive to create my projects in accordance with all standards and current trends dominating the market. The websites and applications are always designed by me in such a way as to match the expectations of my customers. You are welcome to get acquainted with my portfolio and I also kindly invite you to make use of my services
My works

Very often the planning phase of app creation is realised superficially, but it should be remembered that careful planning accelerates an entire process of app formation!
The design phase ends when a website begins to be created. The elements designed previously are then ‘put into practice’ and, as a result, the website takes on a completely new appearance.
Each project which is implemented undergoes thorough tests. It helps to check if a website has been properly prepared to be presented to users.
Po serii testów i analiz strona lub aplikacja zostaje uruchomiona dla użytkowników. Jednocześnie jest to zakończenie całego procesu twórczego. Zachęcam do skorzystania z moich usług i do kontaktu ze mną.